Loan quality and consistency are critical for our clients, which include correspondent aggregators, conduits, hedge funds, investment banks and investors.  Altavera, an S&P and Kroll approved third party due diligence firm, provides expertise that comes through decades of practical experience in the industry.

Our team of mortgage professionals has extensive credit, risk and compliance experience.  Our due diligence platform provides OCR technology, exception based analysis and integration to many ancillary product providers, such as compliance and fraud reporting.  

Altavera is expert in several types of due diligence:

  • Conduit Reviews – pre-closing review of credit decision and post-close review to ensure loans closed in accordance to pre-close specifications and supplementary conditions
  • Correspondent Pre-Purchase Reviews – comprehensive credit, compliance, program eligibility, fraud and documentation review prior to approval for purchase
  • RPL Reviews – re-performing loan reviews include standard compliance reviews (pre-TRID, if applicable), pay history analysis, title search and valuation review
  • Warehouse Line Reviews - loan file reviews encompassing a range of key elements such as credit, compliance and adherence to guidelines
  • Mini-bulk & Flow – loan purchase reviews on bulk or flow basis, complete credit, compliance, data and collateral reviews
  • Forensic Reviews – claim specific defense analysis, re-underwriting
  • Litigation Reviews – specific targeted reviews in accordance with client needs
  • Legal Document Reviews – typically a review of critical file documentation often in comparison to key system data points, utilization of OCR and exception based analysis
  • Mortgage Fraud Reviews – investigation of potential borrower, property or transaction fraud, misrepresentation and undisclosed debt, SSN verification, employment, assets, income, and occupancy validation
  • Regulatory Compliance Reviews - entails a comprehensive transaction view utilizing multiple tools and services to analyze TRID, ATR, high cost, HOEPA, predatory lending, Section 32, Section 35, RESPA disclosures, TILA/Reg Z calculations and APR calculations
  • Property Valuation Analysis – standard appraisal reviews with ability to provide AVM, BPO, appraisal and desk review services
  • Data Validation – OCR technology and exception base data analysis, validate accuracy of the data within the loan documents to the electronic data file provided by client