Aussie-Based Computershare (CPU.AX) Runs Silent, Runs Deep

DENVER, Colo., August 19, 2016 —  Founded in Melbourne, Australia, in 1978, the present-day Computershare Ltd. is a global stock transfer company with offices in twenty countries, a workforce of 16,000 employees and a market capitalization of A$4.87 billion ($4.33 billion) they are a global market leader in transfer agency and share registration, employee equity plans, proxy solicitation and stakeholder communications. They specialize in corporate trust, mortgage, bankruptcy, class action and utility administration, and a range of other diversified financial and governance services.

Computershare administers the transactions of stock on behalf of companies which publicly issue the stock. These companies delegate to Computershare the task of keeping track of which investors are registered shareholders at any given time, which is more cost-effective than keeping track in-house would be. This task involves engaging with shareholders, processing transactions, payments, and managing data.

Prospective investors can use Computershare to put money into a wide variety of companies via the different investment plans that they offer. These include Direct Stock Purchase Plans, or DSPPs, where you purchase company stock directly without any broker involved, and Dividend Reinvestment Plans, or DRIPs, which allow investors to reinvest cash dividends into buying either additional shares or fractional shares of a stock.

Recently, in an effort that will expand the company's ability to support mortgage lenders and investors, Computershare announced it has completed the acquisition of Altavera Mortgage Services, LLC. The company also announced the completion of its acquisition of Capital Markets Cooperative, LLC (CMC) on April 29, 2016. Altavera and CMC are a vital part of Computershare's strategy to grow its global mortgage services business, which includes mortgage servicerSpecialized Loan Servicing (SLS) and Homeloan Management (HML). CMC's range of secondary market solutions, combined with Altavera's loan fulfillment offerings and Computershare's existing loan servicing solution, will help the company deliver services critical to the success of lenders.

Computershare has established an integration team to bring together a unified loan services solution for its clients and expects clients to begin seeing benefits from the combined approach in the coming months. Altavera and CMC management teams along with their employees will be integral to the success of this growing segment of the Computershare portfolio of companies.

Founded in 1978, Computershare is renowned for its expertise in high integrity data management, high volume transaction processing and reconciliations, payments and stakeholder engagement. Many of the world's leading organizations use them to streamline and maximize the value of relationships with their investors, employees, creditors and customers.

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