Altavera Expands Mortgage Fulfillment Operations To 10 New States

DENVER, Colo., March 8, 2017 - Altavera Mortgage Services (Altavera), a provider of outsourced residential mortgage origination services, reports that it has received residential mortgage licensing approval in 10 new states.

That means the firm is now licensed in 36 states.

The new states where Altavera’s origination services are now available include Arkansas, Connecticut, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Mississippi, Oklahoma, South Carolina and the District of Columbia.

The news follows Computershare’s acquisition of Altavera in May 2016 and Altavera’s January 2017 announcement that it would expand licensing to several additional states to meet growing demand for its private-label mortgage services.

Altavera’s customizable, fully SAFE Act-compliant fulfillment solutions include processing and underwriting of conforming, jumbo and non-qualified mortgage loans.

The company also specializes in closed-loan file review for a variety of loan types.

“Federal and state laws are abundantly clear: Third parties involved in residential mortgage loan fulfillment, which includes contract processing and underwriting, must be licensed to provide those services,” says Brian Simons, president of Altavera, in a release. “At Altavera, we do not take lightly these legal obligations.”

Simons points out that Altavera employs a team of regulatory experts to ensure the company remains compliant.