Keeping our clients happy starts with keeping our employees happy. Engagement and learning are core to our philosophy. Even before recruiting for the best talent, we ensure training is in place for new team members to make their onboarding smoother. We provide continued education opportunities through online coursework for compliance and licensing, as well as participation in industry webinars.

Your business deserves people who have key functional experience and who are up-to-speed on current changes to regulations and industry topics. We developed Altavera Academy to provide extensive training for our employees – more than 90 hours of coursework – to ensure that they are equipped to consistently and effectively deliver top-notch work on your behalf.

We have also partnered with clients at their locations for onsite training, which provides a deeper level of commitment and ownership for everyone. We absolutely believe that a strong bond within the team and with you leads to lower turnover, better work quality and success for our employees and our clients.

Some of the coursework offered to our Altavera team members includes the following:

  • Mortgage Compliance:
    • RESPA
    • Fair Lending
    • UDAAP
    • FCRA
    • BSA
  • Credit Analysis
  • Income Analysis
  • Property Appraisal Analysis
  • Disclosure Rules and Adherence
  • Title Analysis
  • Fraud Detection & Prevention
  • QM/ATR
  • Code of Ethics